A Passion for Serving Those who Served.

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What is VOI?

Veteran’s Outreach of Illinois was founded in 2018 by our Executive Director - Jeannette Herbord. Jeannette has a passion for serving our veterans, and has been hard at work. Since she founded VOI, she has been able to recruit volunteers, establish a board of directors, partner with local businesses, and raise funds. All of us try to embody that same spirit and enthusiasm as we embark on this journey.

Due to the nature of what we are trying to do, we often encounter obstacles. Whether financially, legalistically, politically, or otherwise there always seems to be something that impedes the progress of our mission. So we look to anybody that has a heart for serving veterans to help us in anyway they can. Some of us are veterans or have family members that served or are currently serving. So this mission is near and dear to many of us. We are an array of individuals from all different walks of life, with one common goal in mind: ending veteran homelessness.


“It takes two to tango” and in this case we want as many people “dancing” as possible.  Partnering with bussiness and other non-profits has allowed us to expand our reach, gaining more volunteers and access to places to confer, and host events.  Without our partners, much of what we are doing wouldn’t be possible.

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Our Team

Headshot of Jeanette Herbord

Executive Director

Jeannette Herbord

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Ronnie Barnett

Headshot of Casey Wilson

Vice President

Casey Wilson

Headshot of David Cannon


David Cannon

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Director at Large

Nikita Simmons

headshot of Sharon White

Director of Events

Sharon White

Headshot of Cindy Fiene-Curf

Board Member

Cindy Fiene-Curf

Headshot of Lawrence Lenior


Lawrence Lenior